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When using OST files in Outlook, you can come across situations that may identify for the conversion of the OST file into a PST. Microsoft Outlook, in the offline mode, saves the Exchange mailbox data in a local file named OST file. The changes through the user in the offline mode are in a while updated to the server mailbox when the exchange connection is re-established. As the OST file resides on the user’s machine, it is impassive by Exchange Server crashes and damage, Exchange mailbox deletions, etc. 

Causes to convert OST to PST:

  • Outlook PST files are simple to port from one system to another system.
  • If someway due to exchange server break down, virus attack/system failure/unable to come online, you are incapable to join Exchange Server, etc, PST facilitates a lot.
  • In the condition of Backup, Exchange server protection, PST files provide you to ease access to the data.
  • Free OST to PST converter provides you backup for the condition if your account gets deleted or any sudden data loss.

How to convert OST to PST?

Many users are looking for suitable methods to convert OST to PST. For this task, users can use both ways: manual method and professional third-party solution.

Here, we will be discussing various methods to convert OST to PST file format.

A.     Use Import and Export Wizard

This method will work only if your mailbox is connected to the Exchange server and you have Outlook installed on your machine. To convert OST file to PST by using Outlook Import/Export Wizard, follow the given steps:

1.       Run MS Outlook application, and click File.

2.      The window comes into view Open & The export option then clicks Import/Export.

3.      From the Import and Export Wizard, choose “Export to a File” below Choose an action to perform section. Click NEXT to proceed.

4.      Select (.pst), from Export to a File dialog box, and click on Next.

5.      Select the folder from Export Outlook Data File dialog box you need to export from and go to the Next button.

6.      Under Options, Select any of the allowed options, and click the Finish button.

7.      Click OK when processed and your OST file will obtain saved in PST format at the selected address.


B.     Re-Create OST File and Convert it into PST

If Outlook is linked to Exchange Server, here you can recreate the OST file for convert it into a PST file. This will put secure you from losing access to the mailbox simply in situations when OST file data becomes damaged or corrupted.

For recreating an OST file, you just have to delete the .ost file and it will be recreated the more time, you open the Outlook.

Once the data file is recreated, you can export it to an Outlook PST file by following the above steps.

If you’re not capable to access Outlook since the Outlook account is disabled, there are synchronization error issues, MAPI profile is corrupted, etc.; you can’t recreate the OST file, in that case, the simplest way to convert OST to PST is to use software such as Shoviv OST to PST Converter.


C.     Drag and Drop OST File Items to PST

You can also convert by dragging and dropping the OST file into a new PST file.

Follow its steps:

1.       Run Outlook.

2.      Create a fresh new PST file to Outlook profile like:

3.      Click on New Items > More Items > Outlook Data File.

4.      Signify the PST file name, Select (*.pst) from the ‘Save as type’ from the drop-down list, and now click OK.

5.      Click ‘Add Optional Password’ if you have to like create a password-protected PST file.


D.    Use Archive Feature for OST to PST Conversion

This method requires archiving OST mailbox folders to a PST file by following these steps:

NOTE: Archive feature won’t work if your Outlook profile is connected to an Exchange Server.

  1. In Outlook, click File.
  2. Go in Info, open Tools, and then click Clean up Old Items.
  3. These above steps apply using Outlook 2016 and a higher version.
  4. For Outlook 2013, Info > Cleanup Tools > Archiv.
  5. Now open Archive this folder and all subfolders, and then choose the OST mailbox folder required to archive.
  6. Select or enter a date from drop-down then go to Archive items older than.
  7. Browse the folder for saving archived files.
  8.  Give the folder name and click the OK. The archived items will be moved to this folder.
  9. Click OK to begin the process.

After finished with these steps, the chosen files and folders will be moved to archive PST.


The disadvantage of Manual Methods

  • In manual methods, requires a real profile used to create an OST file.
  • Inaccessible OST file not supported in conversation. 
  • Unexpected time-consuming converting large-sized OST files. 
  • No option to preview status before the conversion. 
  •  Probability in manual methods such as accidental deletion, overwriting of data, etc.

Manual methods are free in charge but they are not free from problems thus for the perfect OST to PST conversion need of Professional OST to PST Converter. Going with the professional Method saves Time and provides a secure way with usable features.


Professional Tool, Shoviv OST to PST Converter

Shoviv OST to PST converter is the top suitable third-party tool to professionally convert OST to PST.  From this tool along with Outlook PST, users can also convert OST files to EML, HTML, vCal, and vCard like file formats. Shoviv OST to Converter has all the appeared for features a specialized Software can have. Software is developed with advanced algorithms and user-friendly GUI. The operation of the software is a very easy presence of its GUI and user-oriented features.

ost converter


Features Shoviv OST to PST Converter Provides:

  • The Software ost to pst converter is skilled in exporting OST files into Live Exchange and Office 365 along with OST to PST conversion.
  • The Software loaded from user-centric features like SearchFilter, and Preview options. The preview option permits previewing the OST files just before the conversion, for surety.
  • Split Option resultant PST is also specified; Using this option users can set the PST size for resultant PST.
  • Shoviv OST to PST converter comes with the opportunity to save OST file items in HTML, EML, vCal, vCard, MSG, etc.
  • Shoviv OST to PST converter supports all the MS Outlook and Windows OS versions
  •  The Software famed maintains folder hierarchy and data integrity.
  • The Software speedily and expertly converts a huge number of OST files to PST with no limitations on the file size.

To acquire fulfilled with the working of the professional software, Shoviv OST to PST converter also launched in a free demo/trial version that allows you to convert OST to PST files of the first 50 items per folder.

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