How to Copy Lotus Notes Emails to Office 365 Easily

lotus notes to office 365

Discover the Best Solution to Copy Lotus Notes Emails to Office 365

“One of my colleagues who left the organization has shared a couple of confidential emails. Now, the major concerning factor is that it is being saved in NSF format, which is the proprietary file format of Lotus Notes. To make the data accessible over cloud, my manager has been asked to move these sensitive emails to Office 365 cloud-based suite. Is there any feasible solution available, which will allow to migrate the files? Please let me know the best approach on how to copy Lotus Notes emails to Office 365?”

Above furnished user-query is taken from a technical forum website. Due to various reasons, users come up with the need to migrate Lotus Notes NSF files to Office 365 platform. Often, it becomes a challenging task to answer the query on how to copy Lotus Notes emails to Office 365. With the increasing number of Lotus Notes users migrating to O365, it has become the need of the hour to know the proven data migration technique. Therefore, we have come up with this article. Through this, we are going to let users know the best ever solution to easily copy or transfer NSF mailbox items to the destination Office 365 account.

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based productivity suite, which offers various services altogether embedded within one single roof. It includes MS Office suite such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Along with that, users can make the best use of OneDrive, multiple subscription plans, advanced-level data security, etc. Though IBM Notes, which is now known as HCL Notes is one of the widely used email application. It’s complicated interface and high maintenance costs have become one of the proven reasons to migrate to a futuristic application like Office 365.

How to Copy Lotus Notes Emails to Office 365 – The Best & Reliable Way

Often, users undergo troublesome time to find the best third-party software. Basically, one needs to spend time researching all the available tools thereby distinguishing the features incorporated within it. Well, it is indeed a challenging yet time-consuming task. Hence, we are here to help you find the best pick!

LotusNotes to Office 365 File Migrator from SysTools is a top-notch software, which offers result-oriented features. The utility is the proven answer for query how to copy Lotus Notes emails to Office 365. It offers a sophisticated experience to the users because of its user-friendly interface to migrate NSF files to O365. 

The software is integrated with countless advanced features as mentioned below:

  •  Designed to migrate NSF mailboxes – Emails, Contacts & Calendars to Office 365
  • Requires admin credentials of source (IBM Notes) & destination (Office 365) to perform migration
  • Apply “Date filter” option to copy Lotus Notes emails to Office 365 on the basis of date
  • Avail two different options to map user accounts i.e., “Import Users” or “Fetch Users” option
  • Use various re-run migration options i.e., Delta Migration, Retry Failed Items and Re-run Full migration
  • Provides option to set priority to the user accounts to be migrated first
  • Allows to halt the migration any time using Stop Migration option
  • Provides detailed migration report after successful data migration

 What are the Drawbacks Imposed by the Manual Method?

With the help of IMAP connector, users can copy Lotus Notes emails to Office 365. However, it consists of various limitations as listed below:

  • Users must be technically sound to implement the steps
  •  It involves lengthy yet complicated steps, which consumes a lot of time
  • Does not migrate NSF files having size of 1 GB or more with the manual method
  • NSF calendar data are not migrated, which needs to be transferred manually
  • Ensure that firewall is not blocking the migration process via IMAP connector

 Concluding Remarks

This blog has clearly mentioned the proven solution on how to copy Lotus Notes emails to Office 365 using SysTools Lotus Notes to O365 migrator. The software work wonders wherein it ensures to migrate complete NSF data items to the desired Office 365 account. It facilitates an instant data migration experience over the tiresome manual approach.

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