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Are you currently looking for a yoga teacher training course to enhance your own growth of knowledge in order to progress to the new strength of instructing and register as a 200-hour yoga training?

Multi-Style 200Hr  Teachers Training Course


  • Web-based and mobile (Android and iPhone) based on online and offline learning.
  • 200 HR Yoga Alliance Certificate after completion of your training.
  • Lifetime Access to all teaching supplies.
  • More than 150 hours of high-quality yoga videos.
  • Online community assistance.
  • Certified by Yoga Alliance as a 200 Hour RYT as conducted by Bhakti Yogshala Yoga School.
  • All sessions are in English.
  • Learn at your own pace and complete when you feel able. No need to keep a specific time or schedule.
  • You will be able and qualified to teach or guide real classes, get hired by yoga studios, and more.

These courses are based on Pre Recorded and live yoga classes with a trainer. The self-study and self-rehearse and do make you qualified to enlist with Yoga Alliance USA, and yoga TTC course content will be the same as 200-hour yoga trainer instructional class as per Yoga Alliance rules. Video and live online yoga trainer also preparing with bhakti yogashala will finish yoga instructor training at your movement and timetable with our asset. You don't have to make significant progress away from your city to learn yoga in Rishikesh, India. Hence, using simple and powerful procedures given by bhakti yogshala, you will be ready to figure out how to rehearse at your home. It will be able to share a quality yoga class with others, including the establishment of yoga.

Why Online Yoga Teacher Training?

Even though there is an assortment of preparing choices that may shift as far as account, area, instructors, and some more, there is the newest Yoga Instructor Training that has accepted this field as a storm that is online yoga trainer preparing.

Sounds peculiar? Well. However, Bhakti Yogshala says that you can do yoga TTC on the web. We have thought of a fabulous preparing module for those aspirants who need to get certified in yoga yet incapable of joining due to few issues. Hence, your admittance to class materials and lectures from the comfort of home or cell phone, laptop, Tv, and so forth (Particularly, so you could watch and replay them whenever as your needs). Hence, after finishing classes, you will get the YOGA CERTIFICATION ONLINE by BHAKTI-YOGSHALA. 

yoga alliance online teacher training

What will you Learn in this Online 200 - Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Yoga Philosophy

Philosophy is the centre of any subject, and yoga isn't unique without a philosophy similar body without yoga is cognizance. Philosophy classes at Bhakyi Yogshala are directed in an environment where the intelligent process not only permits members to learn and explore how to shape questions yet also causes them to arrive at their answers concerning every day, enthusiastic, and otherworldly life. If you want to learn more about yoga then get in touch with our online yoga teacher training at Bhakyi Yogshala. 

Moreover, Bhakti yogshala has encountered the nature of inquiries and decides personal satisfaction. If one knows the methods or the way to arrive at the appropriate responses, also life turns into the playground of conceivable outcomes. Hence, one of the significant results of this is the improvement of relational communication abilities, which refines the discernment and reactions towards the occasions of life for an upgraded experience of it.


As people, you are articulations of the general pranic energy or the prana (life power). Notwithstanding, improper ways of life and oblivious undeveloped methods of breathing processes hamper your life power and unbalance your body, and mind expanding pressure, stress, and fears in your brains. In your yoga instructor course online, you will figure out how to breathe appropriately and to control and grow prana or life-power in the correct manner to associate with your higher self.

·        Nadi Shodhana pranayama

·        Surya Bheda pranayama

·        Sheetali pranayama

·        Seetkari pranayama

·        Bhramari pranayama

·        Bhastrika pranayama

·        Kapalbhati pranayama


Anatomy in a Western setting is about physicality. However, as indicated by yoga, life structures likewise incorporate energy and unpretentious body frameworks. As the understudies dive into the five indispensable powers and seven tissues, three main characteristics (gunas), and inconspicuous channels (nadis), they pick up the comprehension of a more profound degree of their reality that grounds their nine frameworks of the human body.

Introduction to Anatomy

·        Skeletal system

·        Muscular system

·        Nervous system

·        Endocrine system

·        Respiratory system

·        Circulatory system

·        Digestive system

·        Excretory system

·        Reproductive system

·        Regenerative framework

Bhakti Yoga And Meditation

In Bhakti Yoga, you draw intensely on developing and communicating love and dedication for divinities in the Hindu pantheon. The happy experience of singing, chanting, and Satsang cultivates an air for passionate articulation and mending while simultaneously allowing the professional a chance to make way for encountering the divine inside oneself.

·        Meditation

·        Chants & Pranayama (Forms of Chanting, Om, Various Pranayamas)

·        Sanskrit (Basic Sanskrit)

·        Performing bhajan-kirtan

·        Havan (starting to shoot service for the conjuring of energy)

·        Ajapa-Japa (repetition of a mantra)

Style Of Yoga Asana Practice

·         HATHA YOGA

Following its inceptions to the traditional Nath tradition and Patanjali in the second century BCE, the name 'Hatha' connotes the association of the sun based and lunar channels in the body. It is accomplished through an accentuation on carefully developing steadiness and comfort in the stances on the tangle while synchronizing the breath with developments.

·        Learn asanas in a traditional Indian manner

·        Sivananda arrangement: 12 fundamental asanas

·      Get familiar with the various parts of Ashtanga yoga: pranayama, mudras, bandhas, and kriyas.

·        Study the Vedanta theory and the main yogic content

·        Find out about more than 70 postures.


Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic, streaming strategy for yoga that interfaces the development of the body with breath, look, energy bolts, and stances. The process focuses on the significance of the everyday practice of a set arrangement of developments. You will be focusing on the principal series while picking up the instruments to set up a day by day practice to advance through the six arrangements at your movement in your long-lasting quest for self-completion.

·        Practice the essential arrangement of Ashtanga Vinyasa by K. Pattabhi Jois

·        Lead class and self-practice (Mysore style)

·        Figure out how to change the understudies

·        Figure out how to alter the troublesome postures

·        Make your own Vinyasa grouping.

·        Key points: Ujjayi breath, Drishti, and bandhas


Hence, Ayurveda is considered by numerous researchers to be the oldest healing science. In Sanskrit, Ayurveda signifies "The Science of Life." Ayurvedic information started in India over 5,000 years back and is frequently called the "Mother of All Healing." It also stems from the old Vedic culture and was instructed for a large number of years in an oral convention from achieved experts to their pupils. Some of this information was set to print a couple of thousand years back. However, a lot of it is unavailable. What will you realize in Ayurveda?

·        What is

1.     Ayurveda

2.     principles of Ayurveda                                                          

3.     Aspect of Health                                                          

4.     What are Doshas &                                                          

·        How to identify Nature (Vata, pitta, Kapha)

1.     what are Agnes(fires)                                                      

2.     what are 07 Dhatus(Tissues)                                                          

3.     And What are the 03 crucial Malas (waste materials)    

4.      Ayurvedic Routine

·        Dincharya

·        Ratricharya

·        Food of Hatha yogis & kinds of food

1.     Satvik

2.     Rajsic

3.     Tamsic

·        08 variables of food (on which the Quality of food depends)                                                       

·        Best Detoxifires for the body and psyche

·        Best foods for mind/intellect/memory

·        Home solution for battle with infection or

to boost the Immunity 

Teaching Methodology

1.     Assisting and Hands-on Adjustment Techniques

2.     Demonstrations

3.     Right arrangement and expected dangers of yoga stances

4.     Practicum Classes

5.     Lifestyle and ethics of a yoga teacher

6.     Classroom management

7.     Principles of observation

Naturopathy Techniques

Therefore, Naturopathy is an Indian old strategy that helps in the detoxification and purging of the body, which prompts the disposal of different infections in the body. ? It works with the assistance of Five components: Air, Water, Fire, Space, and Earth.

Asana Clinic (Alignment & Adjustment)

In asana, facility understudy will find out about stance.

Learning Bodies (Posture, Body Assessment, Appreciating Uniqueness of Different Body Types, Bandhas, and More)

Asanas (70+ Asanas covered across 9 Asana Categories), Modifications, Benefits, and Contraindications Included for Every Asana

·        Entering

·        Existing

·        Arrangement CUES

·        Basic ERRORS

·        Adjustments

·        Varieties

·        Advantages

·        Contraindications

Yin Yoga

By all accounts, a Yin practice may appear to be ordinary. Thus, In Yin yoga, one of the numerous types of yoga, sequences are a progression of moderate, long holds and tangle based stances that loosen up the connective tissues and belt in the body. It's training for all levels of yogis. Not at all like Vinyasa and other yoga styles, in Yin, you should generally unwind in the posture. However, this, as a large portion of us know from contemplation, regularly isn't as normal or agreeable as it sounds! To do Yin is to give over control – quite an uncommon and helpful idea in our modern day lives.

Preparation of the Course

Just connect this class. You don’t have to be an accomplished yoga practitioner. Learn at your own time, and pace, ask any questions, grasp the cycle. The 200-hour yoga teacher training program is often finished within 2-3 months. It completes with a test of your knowledge and your certification. In case you fail, the test exam can be reproduced at no charge until you qualify. We will assist you during the process and if needed, provide extra learning material. Becoming a 200-hour teacher for many is the beginning of a beautiful lifelong calling.

Still more questions?

These are the most asked questions and answers about this course:

  1. Here are Yoga Alliance registration: Click Here
  2. You can thoroughly study at your own pace.
  3. There are NO mandatory live classes you have to attend
  4. However, there are optional (free for you) live classes to attend as we believe in personal contact and guidance.
  5. The test is written.
  6. YA might make live classes mandatory soon so take advantage now.
  7. Support group Whatsaap and Facebook
  8. You have lifelong access to all materials.
  9. There are NO hidden fees.
  10. After register, your sheet Bhakti-Yogshala Team Provides 12 Hour support.
  11. We LOVE yoga and meditation.
  12. We embrace diversity
  13. We believe the world needs more yoga.
  14. After signup, we send your email address to Bhakti Yogshala team, and that takes up to 2 hours to set up a school account (login will be provided via email) and the Study materials which will help you to understand the course.
  15. We have more than 200 students currently.

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