Solved An Operation on the Server Timed Out Outlook Mac 2016 - Error Code 3259

Error code 3259

MS Outlook is among the list of top 5 most used email service applications. Microsoft designed tools for both Windows OS and Mac OS, one of them is Outlook for Mac. its functionalities are similar to Windows Outlook. While working sometimes user stuck with some errors, one of the most common error is “error code 3259 with Mac Outlook”.

This error is not a fatal error but it can create a problem for the user.

When this error occurs then the client-server connection break down. When the user performs some operation then the server gets a request from the clients, then the server responds to the request for the operation, and if the operation server time out occurs on display, then the user can’t perform the operation due to the server time out issue. 

Now, let’s take a look at the causes For Error 3259 Mac Outlook

Cause for the Error Code 3259

While using Mac Outlook, this issue error 3259 arise due to incorrect configuration or wrong implementation of POP3 client-server protocol. In this way, the user may be wrong configured in the account setting. This error allows the user to send mails but it does not allow the user to continue at the receiving mail and it can also restrict the connection between the server and client so not flow of email between server and clients.

 We understood the reasons behind an operation on the server timed out outlook mac 2016 error, now we redirect toward to fix it.

A Systematic Approach to Rectify the Error Code 3259

Before following these steps must be successfully connected to the webserver and well an internet connection established then sign in to your MAC Outlook user account with your correct credentials.

Below are the steps to configure the POP3 correctly.

1.   First, start the Mac Outlook application. 

2.   Then, choose the MSN or account in the Tools button.

3.   Now, in the incoming server text box type

4.   If your port number is 995 then keep it the same otherwise change to 995.

5.   After configuring the Incoming server, then now specify the outgoing server similarly by type in the Outgoing server text box.

6.   Now, again change the port number to 587 if the port number different otherwise keep it the same as 587.

7.   After you have performed the changes, hit on the More options.

8.   Navigate to the Authentication tab and choose the Use incoming Server Info option.

9.   Then, click on the Close button and exit the application.

10.                And finally,  restart Outlook and perform send and receive. 

I guess the problem of an operation on the server timed out outlook mac 2016 will be resolved.

Afterward, you can use Mac Outlook for sending and receiving mail from server to clients. But after the configuration of POP3 if you are unable to connect to the server then there are possibilities that the OLM file may be damaged. For the damaged OLM file above process not perform, but the OLM file is very critical because it contains Mail, Contact, Calendar, etc. The only method to retrieve data from corrupted OLM files is OLM Exporter.

 Wrap Up

While sending and receiving mail in Mac Outlook you will find Error Code 3259. Here we have provided you the best solution to the query. I hope your issue gets resolved.

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