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A printer is a device used by students, Teacher, Office workers, etc. It is the most notable accessory with the computer as every office and domestic computers are too attached to the printer. Every Printer owns a specific set of abilities, on which the price depends; more abilities, more price. Today we’ll take a look at the most expensive printers in the world. We’ll start with the IBM InfoPrint 2085 printer from Xerox; is the most expensive printer in the world.

I want you to choose the best printers so you will never face any difficulty during the printing process and reach your desired business goals. Because when it comes to fulfilling large-scale printing needs, it becomes necessary to have the best printers and digital printing presses. Leading organizations that are ruling the printing businesses are using the best and most expensive printer in the world to achieve their desired business goals. After all, everything in the printing business depends on printers and digital printing press machines. It is of no use if it doesn’t work well and meet business goals. 

Most Expensive Printers in the World:

  1. IBM Info Print 2085 - The IBM InfoPrint has a price tag of Rs 21,86,800. It has full function cut-sheet printing with copying capabilities and a high-speed printing system that can print up to 85 and 105 pages per minute with 600×600 dots per inch resolution to produce high-quality images and graphics. IBM InfoPrint 2085 enables operating efficiency and also can help to reduce the total cost of printing. It comes with a powerful IBM Controller for optimal performance flexibility. The InfoPrint 2085 facilitates consolidation between information technology and reprographics production centres. There are many more facilities in this printer that makes it the most expensive printer in the world.

IBM Info Print 2085 printer


  1. Next Dent 5100 3D Printer –  3D printers are the most advanced kind of printing device in the market nowadays. This printer has a touch screen and single-hand operation of accessories that make it easy to handle. It can print 12.1 cm/h depending on layer thickness and has a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. Its integrated colour display can also handle with gloves. If you buy this printer, you will surely enjoy the way you print something for yourself. NextDent 5100 3D printer cost Rs 17,00,000, which make it one of the most expensive 3D printers.

Next Dent 5100 3D Printer


  1. Formax ColorMax8 Digital Colour Printer  The Formax ColorMax8 Digital Colour Printer combines inkjet technology with the capacity of full- color mailing and packaging solutions. It can print up to 1600 × 1600 dots per inch at 12 inches per second with up to 400,000 prints per month. Formax ColorMax8Digital color printer cost around Rs 15,00,000. It is one of the most expensive printers in the World. It comes with the Intuitive control panel interface that provides image preview, system status, other common functions, and setting access. You can set the paper path thickness by the touchscreen control panel. Its clamshell design provides easy font access to ink tanks.

Formax ColorMax8 Digital Colour Printer

4.      Gold platted HP LaserJet 1160 A normal HP LaserJet 1160 costs around 45,000 Rs but the HP LaserJet 1160 we are talking about here is platted with 24K gold HP designed this printer to celebrate the company’s 4mn sale in the middle east. This gold-plated HP LaserJet 1160 costs around 14, 00, 000. The use of gold plating on the printer is what made it stand in the list of one of the most expensive printer in the World. 

Gold platted HP LaserJet 1160

This printer came with a different outer layer, but everything else in the printer remained the same as the normal HP LaserJet 1160 Printer. The difference in the looks was visible as HP used 24-carat gold plating on this special edition printer. HP LaserJet 1160 looks like a stripped-down version of the HP LaserJet 1320; both deliver excellent-quality text. Both printers have the same compact, 16MB of RAM, blocky design, a half-ream main paper tray, and a 133MHz processor. The control panel of this printer consists of two buttons--one is orange and the other is green. Cancel button--and four lights. 


  1. Canon image RUNNER Advance 6555i – No wonder that we talk about the most expensive printer in the world and don't mention Canon. It is also one of the most trusted manufacturers of printers and digital printing presses. This printer is designed for advanced functionality, ease of operation, and high reliability. It can print 55 pages per minute and has a 10.1inch intuitive touch screen. Due to a large responsive and intuitive touch screen, using this printer feels like a carryout task never been so effortless before. It provides smartphone features as swipe and pinches feature in the user interface that provides the greater ability.

Canon image RUNNER Advance 6555i

The new series of this printer has many intelligent features such as a motion sensor, skip blank page, and multi-feed detection to help streamline document workflows and maximize productivity. These features put this printer’s value around 13,00,000 Rs but having these kinds of features and price makes it stand in the list of most expensive printers in the World.The Canon Image Runner Advance 6555i is a very fast and durable monochrome digital multifunction imaging system. It offers quick and competitive printing, scanning, storing, and copying functions and features such as standard automatic tray less duplexing, a highly customizable interface, and cloud printing. You’ll enjoy maximized efficiency and quality with print speeds of 55 pages per minute in black and white.

These expensive printer in the world can be a frontline for your digital business communications and exhibiting enterprise-class performance. These printers meet all today's demand for integrated imaging and mobile solutions. All printers are designed to meet today's most diverse and complex printing and scanning tasks for maximized uptime, advanced authentication capabilities, amazing speed, intuitive usability, and large page volumes.

That is all for today. See you next time! You are welcome to the comment section if you have different views on this list of most expensive printer in the world.

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