Exchange On-Premise to Exchange Online Migration in a Smooth Manner

Exchange On-Premise to Exchange Migration

Exchange On-Premise to Exchange Online Migration – Entire Detailed Guide


Here, you will find a detailed solution for Exchange On-Premise to Exchange Online Migration following easy tricks. If you are having trouble looking for solutions for the migration procedure, you can take a look at the explained process here and learn it’s working. Also, there are going to be a few benefits of using this method as discussed here.

Exchange On-Premise and Exchange Online (Office 365) are both the products of Microsoft that provide users great features for communication. Exchange server allows users to configure the specifications or the settings for an easy management of mailboxes. Although, it is an amazing email service, it still has a lot many reasons that make users switch.


Let’s take a look at these reasons.

What Makes Users Perform Exchange On-Premise to Exchange Online Migration?


 There are various reasons as listed below:

       ·      The investment at the initial stage of installation is huge.

       ·      Users need to have technical expertise or assistance for handling the services, firewalls, etc.

       ·         Maintenance and upgradation of hardware and software are pretty expensive.

    ·   If there are any malfunctions or disaster happening to the data, the business is fully responsible for it.


Now, towards the solution for the same.


Which Solution Makes the Migration Procedure Hassle-Free?

Here, we will explain the only sure shot that users have at the Exchange On-Premise to Exchange Online Migration. For a safe, secure, and quick migration process, you need to download the Exchange On-Premise to Office 365Migration Tool. This software will help users perform the export process without the risk of any data loss or manipulation.

Now, there are a lot of amazing features offered by the software that we will be explaining to users in the following segment. But before that, we will give you a little bit of knowledge about the software and what it has to offer. The tool has an option to migrate multiple users’ data altogether and has the option for concurrent migration.

You will be offered multiple features by the tool to perform an easy migration task in a secure and reliable environment. Let’s checkout what these features are.


Features Offers by the Tool for Exchange On-Premise to Exchange Online Migration: -

         1.  Maintain Folder Hierarchy: The software has the ability to keep the original folder structure the same as before the migration. It doesn’t make any changes to the order of the data and also keeps it intact for users’ convenience.

         2.  Restriction-Free Migration: There is an option to export as many user accounts as required by the users. This is an advanced feature of this tool as there is no limitation on the size of the accounts to be migrated from Exchange 2016, 2013, etc.

       3.  Selective Migration Option: Those users who have the need for migrating data selective while performing Exchange On-Premise to Exchange Online migration can do so. The Date-Filter and Category-Filter make it easy for the users to choose a time-zone and folders from which the data is to be exported.

         4.  Option to Fetch Users: There are two options offered to the users to add users for migration:

· Fetch Users: This will automatically fetch all the user accounts from the Exchange Server.

·   Import Users: An option to download a CSV from the software and mention the users there to add them is provided.

           5.  Add Priority for User Accounts: Users can easily choose any number of the users for migration and set a priority for certain user accounts. This way, users can export specific user accounts before other mailboxes.

             6.  Generate Export Report: After Exchange On-Premise to Exchange Online migration process, the tool will generate an export report with all the details for the procedure. It shows the source and destination ID, folder name, file name, status, etc.


Now, let’s understand the working steps of this software.


How Does the Tool Work for the Migration Process?

The tool has the following working steps:

     1.       Launch the wizard and make sure it has been Activated. Click on the Source tab and choose Exchange as Source and Office 365 as Destination.


Exchange On-Premise to Exchange Online Migration

    2.      Mark the categories you want to export in the Workload Selection and apply Date-Filter for selectively migrating data.


Exchange to Exchange Online Migration

    3.     After that, enter the credentials for Exchange to perform Exchange On-Premise to Exchange Online migration. Hit Validate.


Exchange On-Premise to Exchange Online Migration

     4.      Then, fill in the details of Office 365 account and hit Validate. Move forward by clicking Next.


On-Premise to Exchange Online Migration

    5.    Select the option to fetch users, we are using Fetch Users only. Hit Continue for the next step.


Exchange On-Premise to Exchange Migration

      6.    Set priorities, validate, and press Start Migration to complete the procedure.


Exchange  to Exchange Migration

You have the option to Stop Migration if so required for any reason. Generate the export report as per your convenience and make use of the features offered by this tool.


Few Ending Words: -

There are various cloud-based email services, one of which is Office 365, that has been proved to be the most popular email service provider. This makes a good amount of users to perform Exchange On-Premise to Exchange Online migration. We have discussed the easiest of solutions here as the manual methods for this a quite lengthy, require technical expertise, and take a lot of time and energy.

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