How Do I Clean Up My Gmail Quickly? - Variations of Methods

How Do I Clean Up My Gmail Quickly? - Variations of Methods

How Do I Clean Up My Gmail Quickly? Simple Tricks for Freeing Space

User Query – I have searched various times how do I clean up my Gmail quickly once I started receiving a notification from my Gmail account that the storage is full. There are not many solutions that show how to do the same for bulk emails and I urgently need to free up some space. If there are any successful solutions, please help me out!

We have found a number of vertical who wants to know the same answer but for different situations. Many users start to panic when they see the message that says Gmail storage is full as some of them have no clue on what can be done in such a situation. Some may not want to purchase extra storage which is why they look for methods to clean up Gmail space.

We are going to mention the finest solutions here that will make the procedure of deleting the emails easy-going. As we know, it is a necessity to keep a backup of the data you are going to delete to be sure the important data is not gone, we will be giving a solution that will save the data for you.

Let’s get going with the perfect solution that helps keeping the data safe!

How Do I Clean Up My Gmail Quickly Without Losing Data?

First thing’s first, download the Gmail Backup Tool and learn a few things about it. This software is specifically designed to help you download the data files in a desired location, and free up space for your mailbox server.

How can that happen though? Well, there is an option that the tool provides which is the Delete after Download option. While taking a backup of your data, you can choose this option and the software will automatically delete the email messages that you have take a backup of from the mailbox.

This is just one of the many astonishing features that are offered by the wizard. Later in the blog, you will more such functionalities to understand how this tool is best suited to clean up Gmail space.

What is the Order of Instructions to Use the Software?

Find the working steps in the section below:

1. Run and Install the software on your Windows machine and enter the credentials to sign in. Press the Log in button.


gmail backup tool


2. Select the radio button beside EML format to export the data as EML files.


gmail backup


3. Click on the Browse button and choose the destination path for the output file as per convenience.


how to backup gmail data


4. Press the Delete after Download option and hit Yes button when prompted with a warning.


way to backup gmail data


5. Select the Apply Filter option and set the Date-Filter as required and choose the categories to export file from.


gmail backup


6. Finally, click on the Start button to complete the procedure to take a backup.


gmail backup data tool

This software is the perfect answer for how do I clean up my Gmail quickly. Now, about the software, why is it the best shot that users have at freeing up the storage space? Find out below:

ü   The tool saves emails along with the associated attachments

ü   Date-Filter option allows users to export emails from a specific time-zone

ü  Using the Category-Filter helps in saving emails from certain folders

ü   Maintains the original folder structure during the export process

ü   Find the export report in a CSV format by generating it after the task

ü   Supports downloading emails on Windows OS 10 and below versions

The tool makes it pretty convenient and safe for the users to take a backup and then delete the data directly from the software panel. Now, to the manual procedures.

Manual Approach on How Do I Clean Up My Gmail Quickly?

Here, we have two manual methods to use, first one is deleting emails from the mailbox, the second one is by selecting all the emails in the mailbox and deleting them. Both the methods can be of great help but make sure you take a backup before performing these methods as there are chances that you might lose the important emails as well.

Method 1 – Deleting Emails to Save Space

These are the steps for removing few unimportant emails from the mailbox to save up space:

1. Log in to your Gmail account and choose the email you want to remove.



2. Click on the Trash icon to delete the particular email.



3. To clean up Gmail space by removing multiple emails, mark the check box beside the messages to be deleted.



4. Select the Trash Icon and the emails will be removed.



5. Go to the Trash Folder and click on the Empty Trash Now option.



6. Choose the Spam Folder from the left pane and press the Delete all spam messages option.

Now, to the other method that can help users to delete emails in bulk. Check it out here.

How Do I Clean Up My Gmail Quickly by Deleting All Emails?

1. Open a browser and sign in to your Gmail account.

2. Mark the Select All checkbox right below the Search bar.



3. Click on the Select All Conversations in Inbox option.

4. Hit the Trash icon to remove all the emails from the mailbox.



5. Go to the Trash folder and hit the Empty Trash Now option.

This will delete all the emails you have in your mailbox and clear up the space for new emails.

In a Nutshell

Since Gmail offers 15GB of storage space, it is quickly filled up by emails for users who receive a lot of emails with attachments as these attachments are what take up most of the space. Here, we have given three solutions on how do I clean up my Gmail quickly.

It is utterly important that you take a backup before using the manual methods as there is no guarantee you will get the emails back once they are gone from the trash. You make your task easier by using the software which will not only take backup of your data but also delete it from the mailbox after saving it. 

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