How to Crack VBA Project Password in Excel 2010? Excellent Workarounds

How to Crack VBA Project Password in Excel

How to Crack VBA Project Password in Excel 2010? Guide with All the Methods

Before learning how to crack VBA project password in Excel 2010, you should know what VBA means. It is an acronym for Visual Basic for Application and is used by various Microsoft applications. MS Excel mostly uses VBA for adding some functions and to automate a few routine tasks. Most of the users encrypt VBA projects with a password to keep the projects safe and secure.

Now, these passwords can be forgotten which leads to users not being able to access the Excel VBA codes. This causes a wave of panic and users start going through different solutions to crack the password. There are numerous ways to perform the operation as explained in this write-up.


Methods that Answer How to Crack VBA Project Password in Excel 2010

You can crack the password in two ways, by taking professional help or performing the manual procedures by hand. Now, if you want a simpler approach to crack the password from your project files, you should go for the professional solution that is explained in the next section. If you want a free but manual approach, you can find the manual methods later in the blog.

Let’s take a look at all these methods and then start with the procedures:

      1.      Trouble-free Solution

      2.     Hex Editor

      3.     Visual Basic Editor

Moving towards the working of these methods.


How to Crack Password Using the Trouble-free Solution?

For cracking the password using the professional solution, you can download the Excel VBA Password Recovery Tool. This tool will help you get the answer on how to crack VBA project password in Excel 2010 from Macro Word, Excel, and Access files. It is also capable of removing password from multilingual VBA files such as .doc, .docm, .dot, .xls, .xlsm, etc.

This tool offers various great features that can be used by the users for safely recovering the password:

  ü  It is built with advanced mechanism to remove password from single or multiple files

  ü  The software supports recovering password from multiple Office files like .doc, .dot, .xls, etc.

  ü  Remove password from project file of any length without any limitations

  ü  Easy to break password from Macros formats like .xlam, .xlsb, .xltm, .mdb, .accdb, etc.

  ü  It can remove the older password and create a new one for the project

  ü  Compatible with Windows OS 10, 8, 7 (32 or 64 bit) and Windows server 2016, 2012 R2, 2008

Let us now take a look at the steps to perform using the tool.


How to Crack VBA Project Password in Excel 2010 Via Software?

Following listed set of instructions is how you can use the tool:

      1.       Download the wizard on your Windows OS machine.

       2.      Click on the Add File(s) option to insert files in the tool.


       3.      Select the files from your PC and hit Open button to add them.


       4.      Hit Reset and the software will reset the password from your project files.


By making a few clicks here and there, you will be able to reset or remove the password from your files. This is the easiest and the fastest approach anyone can ever go for. Take a look at the manual methods as well to keep your options open and choose which method is suitable for you.

Crack Project Password Manually with the Help of Hex Editor

This manual answer on how to crack VBA project password in Excel 2010 makes use of the Hex editor which is a great platform to remove the password. You will be shown how to create a dummy file (.xls), set a password on it, and then use the password to access the protected Excel file. Let’s get started:

              1.       Create a new Excel file using the Hex Editor.

             2.      Press Alt + F11 to open the VBA Section where you need to create a new password.

             3.      After that, save the file and exit.

             4.      Open the file you have just created in the Hex Editor.

             5.      Navigate to the lines starting from the following keys and copy them:




             6.      Here, you have to open the file you want to break password from via Hex Editor.

             7.      Paste the texts you have copied and save changes and exit.

           8.     Now, open the file and then use the newly created password to access the file and see the VBA codes.

  This shall do the trick. If not, you can follow the next method.


Learn How to Crack VBA Project Password in Excel 2010 Via Visual Basic Editor

Visual Basic Editor has the capability to edit the character codes and the process is also not so lengthy. Yet, you are supposed to be focused while performing the operation since there are only so many things that could mess it up. Check out the procedure below:

          1.       Open the workbook you want to remove password from.

         2.      Now, open Visual Basic Editor by pressing Alt + F11 keys.

         3.      Go to the Insert option and click on the Module field.

         4.      Enter the following codes and hit the F5 key.


          5.      After that, exit VBA editor and move on with the protected workbook.

         6.      Click on the Tools option and go to Macros, hit Macros. Finally, double-click on the Password Breaker option from the list and you will be able to access the respective file.

There You Have It All!

For the query: How to crack VBA project password in Excel 2010, we have discussed all the possible and successful methods in this blog. The manual methods as explained are useful and help with the task in a great manner but need the users to have technical expertise. These are also time-consuming procedures and the success rate of these methods is a bit low.

This explains why experts suggest the trouble-free or professional solution to perform the task. Make sure you check out all the processes explained to have a free mind and be able to compare which one is a better choice for your case.

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