IELTS Preparation Tips- A Complete Study Plan


IELTS Preparation Tips

IELTS Preparation 2021 Tips- A Complete Study Plan 

The IELTS test refers to the 'International English Language Test' that helps candidates to migrate to foreign countries. This exam is the validating proof of the person’s English proficiency to do a job or study abroad. IELTS has two basic categories; Academic Test and General Test. Academic test is organized for the undergraduate or postgraduate students who have the vision to be a part of English speaking land for higher studies. Besides, the General test is taken to scrutinize the English level of candidates' desire to go foreign for work. 

The person’s reading, writing, speaking, and listening capacity is reviewed in the test. The marking system of the IELTS is based on bands from 0 to 9. Candidates can go abroad based on their band score. 7+ or 8+ band score is considered as the best range of band score in the IELTS. This is a quick summary of the IELTS. If you are seeking detailed knowledge or any kind of guide on the IELTS test you can search for the Best IELTSinstitute in Jalandhar

If you need Preparation tips for the upcoming IELTS 2021 test, then read the blog till the end. Let’s check out the study plan & strategies to prepare for the IELTS section wise: 


IELTS 2021 Preparation Tips- Section Wise


IELTS Preparation-Reading 

  • Know about the Exam Pattern: There will be around 40 questions of different questions. Some questions must be answered in an incorrect order whereas some questions can be in an incorrect order. The time to finish the test is 60 minutes. The completion time contains the ten minutes of transfer time to transfer the sheet. Every correct answer is 1 mark. 

  • Learn Skimming and scanning technique: There will be 3 long stanzas. A candidate has to find out the answer from that given stanza and write the answer. Skimming means taking an overview of the main idea of the paragraph. On the contrary, Scanning is related to picking out the key figures from the passage such as numbers, DOB, personality’s name, etc. It is the right approach to locate the answers in the fastest way. 

  • Vocabulary & grammar: Improve your vocabulary & grammar by reading newspapers, magazines, books, articles, internet blogs, etc. Find the difficult words and new words from them. Note down in your diary and make the sentences. Do not memorize the grammar rules but understand the sentence structure and practice it to improve day by day. 

  • Practice: Practice one sample test paper daily. Check the weak spots where you need improvement. Maintain the asked word limit and do not exceed it. Write the accurate spellings and take care of the punctuation marks. Write to-the-point answers. Learn to rewrite the questions if the need arises because stating questions as it is while writing the answer wouldn’t impress the examiner. 

These are a few basic preparation tips to follow for the reading section. If you still need more knowledge please feel free to Best IELTS coaching in Ludhiana. 


IELTS Preparation-Listening 

Exam Structure: IELTS listening includes 40 questions which a candidate has to wrap the whole test within half an hour. The paper is designed to assess the listening ability of the person. You should hear the recording attentively as it will be played once. It is advisable to write the vital things or content in the notes when audio plays. Do not try to write the line-to-line words of the speaker or audio. Listen to the main idea, key figures, or relevant content and write fast. Do not panic if you omit the specific part but focus on hearing the whole audio consciously. Let’s understand the listening section wise: 

  • Section 1: An audio contains the conversation between 2 people on a social topic such as conducting an event, arranging a trip, etc. 

  • Section 2: A speech of a speaker on a general topic such as a public event. 

  • Section 3: There is a conversation between 2 to 4 people on the academic topic such as teacher-student discussion on the particular assignment. 

  • Section 4: The audio is related to the deep conversation of one speaker on a study-related subject such as lecture, etc. 


The listening section is quite interesting and easy. Seeking more personal advice on IELTS? Connect with the Best IELTS institute in Jalandhar.


IELTS Preparation-Writing Section 

  • The IELTS writing part consists of two Parts-Task 1 (150 Words) and task 2 (250).
  • The time allotted to complete task 1 is 1 hour whereas task 2 should be complete within 30 minutes. 
  • Do not increase or decrease the word count. 
  • Write the correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and a wide range of vocabulary. 


IELTS Preparation-Speaking Section 


  • The IELTS speaking section will be from 11 to 14 minutes. 
  • There is a face-to-face interaction between examiner and candidate. 
  • Practice speaking fluently using correct grammar rules, a good range of vocabulary, and maintain eye contact. 
  • There will be three rounds. The first round includes the common questions related to your background, the section contains opinions about a general topic and the last section consists of descriptive longer discussion related to the topic.

I Hope, you are entirely set in your mind to begin your preparation for the IELTS. If you want to study under the assistance of professionals then you can consult with the Best IELTS coaching in Ludhiana



IELTS band scores are widely accepted by almost every renowned country such as Australia, Canada, the USA, New Zealand, etc. Work hard and smart, get 7+ or 8+ band scores and your bright future is waiting for you.

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