Import EML to Apple Mail – A-Z Guide for the Exportation Process


eml to apple mac

Import EML to Apple Mail – Undertake the Fast Functioning Methods

PlotIf you also want to import EML to Apple mail and are not able to find any useful solutions, do not worry. Your search ends here as we have got the best procedures for you to perform. In here, you will find two solutions for the import process and why one of them is a better choice than the other one.

There are scenarios where users might need to move to Mac OS maybe due to shifting from one company to another, or the company deciding to move from Windows OS to Mac OS. In such cases, users need to move their data as well for which they require to import EML files to Mac mail.

To transfer the data, you will need a reliable solution which can safely move your data in bulk without you having to do much. Here, you will find two workarounds for the same to make the exportation process easy. Also, we will be mentioning the limitations of the methods if there are any to help you choose the best one for your situation. Let’s get right into it.

Manual Procedure to Import EML to Apple Mail

Follow these instructions listed below to start the process:

1. Open your Mac machine.

2. Gather all the files from your Windows OS.

3. Select the data by pressing Ctrl + A keys simultaneously and copy it to Mac OS.

4. Now, add these files to Mac mail by dragging and dropping them.

This might seem like an easy procedure but is actually not that secure. Even if it is short, it is still comparatively really slow and time-taking. If there is a huge amount of data that needs to be transferred, the system will respond slowly taking a lot of user’s time This is one of the major drawbacks while using manual method to import EML files to Mac mail.

Also, there is no option to add more than one folder while performing this task. You will have to go through this operation separately for each folder you got. Moreover, if there is any mislead in the steps, it might cause data corruption, loss, or system damage.

If you do not want a slow or not secure solution, you should skip to the next method.

Straight-Forward and Fast Solution for Exporting the Data

While using this solution, you have to first download the Mac EML to MBOX Converter that will help you to export your data as a file format supported by Apple Mail. This is a two-steps procedure in which the first step is to convert the data and then import the results to Apple mail.

We will be explaining the entire process to import EML to Apple Mail step-by-step in the upcoming section. But before that, let’s understand why you should use this tool. There are many features offered to a user that make the operation easy:

1.       Bulk conversion of EML files by using Add Folder(s) option.

2.      Naming Convention option to set a name for the resultant files.

3.      It is possible to convert any amount of files and save them to desired location.

4.      Selective data migration with the help of Date-Filter

5.      EML/EMLX files from all email clients are supported

6.      Feature to maintain the original structure of the folder is offered

7.      Convert files along with attachments in Mac OS 10.8, 10.9, and above versions

Let’s start the procedure now.

Step 1 – Import EML files to Mac Mail Via Conversion

1. Launch the software and click on the Add Folder(s) option to initiate the process.


EML files to Mac

2. Select the folder containing EML files, hit Choose and select Next to go to the next step.


convert EML files to Mac mail

3. Choose MBOX radio button and click on the Advance Settings option. Apply the date and category filters as required.


EML to Mac converter

4. Mark the check box beside Maintain Folder Hierarchy click on Change to set the final path for the end results.


eml to mac email converter

5. In the last step, hit the Export button and wait for the process to complete.


conversion from eml to mac emails


When the process is finished, you can preview it in the chosen location. Go to the next segment to learn how to import these to your Mac Mail.

Step 2 – Import EML to Apple Mail After Conversion

Once you have your MBOX files, you can move these to your Mac mail easily by following the given steps:

1. Open Apple mail on your Mac machine and click on the File tab.

2. Select the Import Mailboxes option and you will find a list of sources appear on the window.

3. Choose the Files in MBOX format option and hit Continue.

4. A list of all the MBOX files will appear from which you can select/deselect the files you want to add or not.

5. The process will begin and take time according to the size of the files. Once finished, you will be able to find these files in Import Folder on the sidebar.

Ending Lines of the Write-Up:-

It is important that you be careful while performing the task to import EML to Apple Mail in bulk so that there are no risks of data corruption or loss. You can go for the manual method since most of the users prefer using a free solution but it is not suitable for exporting data in bulk. For that, you will need a reliable solution as mentioned above in the blog which is a conversion tool.

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