How do I repair a corrupt Outlook PST file?


way to repair outlook pst data files

Best Way to Recovery or Repair Outlook PST data Files

Outlook PST files are prone to corruption, and Microsoft knows it very well. That’s why Outlook comes with an inbuilt utility named Scanpst.exe to repair minor corruptions in PST files. But there are many drawbacks in inbuilt utility that pushes users to use an Outlook PST repair tool

Here in this write-up, you’ll get to know about Scanpst.exe and an automated tool that can repair inaccessible PST files effortlessly. Before this, I’ll mention few reasons that can make a PST file corrupted.  


Reasons for Outlook PST file corruption:

Outlook PST file corruption is a kind of corruption no one wants to face, especially if it stores crucial business-related data. Actions such as sudden termination of Outlook, Hardware failure, malware issues, hard disk failure, faulty network device, irregular power supply, continuously increasing PST file size, invalid system registry, and many more instances can make a PST file corrupted. 


How to repair Outlook PST files?

There are many manual methods that will help you get rid of corrupted PST files. As we mentioned above, Microsoft Outlook comes with an inbuilt utility. Below are the steps to find and use the inbuilt Outlook PST repair tool (Scanpst.Exe). 


(Words of warning: Before starting Scanpst.Exe, you must close the Outlook and all mail-enabled applications.)


Navigate the following path as per your Outlook version to locate Scanpst.Exe: 

  • For Outlook 2016 and 2019: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16
  • For Outlook 2013: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15
  • For Outlook 2010: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14
  • For Outlook 2007: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office13
  1. Locate the Scanpst.Exe and run it as an administrator.
  2. Now browse the PST file you want to repair using the browse button.
  3. Now make a click on the Start button, and the Scanpst.Exe will start looking for issues.
  4. Once it found issues, click on the Repair button. (Note: Check the radio button next to make a backup of scanned file before repairing)


These are simple steps to use Scanpst.Exe. There are chances that even after the repair, users might able to access the Outlook PST. It is because Scanpst.Exe cannot repair severely corrupted PST files. Besides this, Scanpst.Exe has few drawbacks that push users towards the Automated Outlook PST Repair Tool.


Drawbacks of Scanpst.exe


  • Scanpst.Exe can only repair minor corruptions.
  • The native tool doesn’t recover the hardly deleted items, but it can delete some of your data.
  • It has no guarantee of a successful PST repairing.
  • Scanpst.Exe has a size restriction; it only repairs the file, which is less than 2 GB in size. 


There are multiple third-party tools that claim to repair corrupted PST files along with the Outlook PST recovery in almost all cases. Below we are describing the Shoviv Outlook PST repair tool, which is an efficient method for PST file recovery.


Shoviv Outlook PST Repair Tool

No matter what level of corruption your PST has, this automated Outlook PST Repair Tool can repair and recover items from it. This tool comes with many user-centric features that make the PST recovery process hassle-free and effortless. Moreover, it has a convenient GUI that enables even novice users to use the tool without assistance. Below are some of this tool’s features:

shoviv outlook pst repair tool


Benefits of using the Shoviv Outlook PST Repair tool:


  • Add multiple PST files: If you have multiple corrupt PST files, the software allows you to add them in a single batch to repair.
  • No size restriction: This astounding tool has no bar on the file size. Hence you can add the largest PST to repair.
  • Outlook PST recovery: This Outlook PST repair tool allows users to recover the deleted items from PST files.
  • No modification: The software is developed for professionals and only works in a read mode. Hence it scans the PST file but doesn’t modify the folder hierarchy and data integrity during the PST recovery process.
  • Export PST file: Once the repairing process gets completed, users can export the PST file data into Outlook PST, Office 365, Live Exchange, and Novel GroupWise. 
  • Search utility: This software has a search utility that allows users to search for a particular PST item.
  • Free version: Shoviv Software provides a free trial version of this tool. Users can download use the free trial version before purchasing it.


Wrapping Up:

Recovering inaccessible PST files in Outlook is now made easier. Users can choose either inbuilt scanpst.exe utility or an automated way to recover corrupted PST files. In this write-up, you have learned both methods, and now it depends on you what you choose. At last, whatever you choose, choose that suits you best and choose according to your ease.




Ques:- Why does the ScanPST.exe fail to fix PST file?

The ScanPST.exe is an inbuilt utility provided to fix minor corruptions in the Outlook PST file. It is not capable repair a severely corrupted PST file.

Ques:- Does the Shoviv Outlook PST repair tool restore contacts from a corrupted PST file?

Yes, the Shoviv Outlook PST Repair can recover all types of items from the corrupted PST file.

Ques:- I run an organization and have almost 100 PST files. Can I repair them in a single batch?

Yes, you can repair and recover all the PST files in a single go, but we suggest repairing them in small batches.  By doing this, you will repair Outlook PST files more desirably and also can use the remaining PST files with Outlook or another program. 

Ques:- Why should I choose a professional tool over the manual method?

Manually, there is no option to filter unwanted data and multiple drawbacks. On the other hand, this professional tool provides user-centric features to repair Outlook PST data files. Besides this, the software eliminates the chances of data loss and human error. 

Ques:- How much time does the tool take to recover PST files?

The recovery time depends on the file size and level of the PST file corruption. So the higher the corruption level, the more time will take


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