Backup IMAP Mailbox to PST – Easy-to-Understand Technique

Backup IMAP Mailbox to PST – Quick Preview of Backup Solutions

It is not an easy process to backup IMAP mailbox to PST. You need to take care of certain things, steps you need to follow carefully, and technical knowledge about the methods you are applying. Or, you can use a solution that doesn’t require a lot of technical expertise, just basic knowledge. 

The question arises: How and where to look for this information

There is no need to go anywhere; you will find all the necessary information to operate and the solutions here only. 



The need to export IMAP to PST arises when there is a lot of important information stored in the emails of a user’s mailbox. Doing so will keep the data safe from any risk of loss or corruption, or hacking. 

PST format is chosen because large organizations prefer using Outlook to save their data as a backup. Also, being widely known and the most used desktop-based application and its functionality, it is suitable for protecting data.


What Are the Methods that Backup IMAP Mailbox to PST Easily?

If you take an expert’s advice, one solution can take a backup of your data without having to do much and wasting a lot of time. You have to download the IMAP Backup Software on your Mac machine for a seamless backup process.

If you want a free and manual solution, there is one that can be used by applying the Import/Export feature of Outlook. 

First, we will be explaining the manual method and help users understand the complications that may be encountered during the process.

Manual Method to Export IMAP to PST for Backup

Before going through the steps, you need to make sure that the Outlook application is installed on your computer or laptop. If it is not, install it and sync it with the server so that the emails are downloaded to your Outlook account. 

Remember: Synchronizing may take a lot of time if there is a lot of data in the mailbox, making it time-consuming. 

Now, go through the steps:

  1. After synchronization, open your Outlook application and select the File tab to backup IMAP mailbox to PST. 
  2. Go to the Open & Export option and click on the Import/Export option. 
export IMAP to PST

    3. In the Import/Export Wizard, select the Export to a file option and click on the Next option.
IMAP Backup Software

       4. From the next window, click on the Outlook data file (.pst) option and move forward by hitting Next.
Export IMAP to PST

      5. Then, you can choose the folders that you want to export the data from. 

Backup IMAP Mailbox to PST

     6. After that, you have to choose the destination location by pressing the Browse button. Click on the Finish button to start the process.

Backup IMAP Mailbox to PST

Barriers Are Faced Using the Manual Method to Export IMAP to PST

  1. Using the manual method may take a lot of time to complete and download the data. 
  2. If an error is encountered during the exportation process, the data can be lost, and users might not have any chance at data recovery.
  3. The data can only be exported from one user account, not multiple, so exporting data from various user accounts become a lengthy process.
  4. A lot of time is wasted on downloading data from different user accounts one-by-one.

Expert-Solution to Backup IMAP Mailbox to PST

To overcome the drawbacks of the manual method, you can make use of the expert-suggested utility. The software can directly export your data from your email service account in bulk. There is a possibility to save the data within a specified time range by using the Date-Filter feature.

You have the option to Maintain Folder Hierarchy that you can mark during the backup process so that the folder structure and the data is kept intact.

Learn about the steps that make this process to export IMAP to PST uncomplicated and straightforward.

Instruction Guide to Export Emails from Mailbox as Backup

  • First of all, launch the tool and then choose the domain from which you want to create the archive and enter its credentials. Press Login

export IMAP to PST

  • Now, from the Select Export Type field, select the PST option to save the data in that format. Click on the Advanced Filters option to apply various filters.


  • Enter the dates from and to the Date-Filter and choose GB or MB in the Split PST option.


  • To backup IMAP mailbox to PST, click on the Change button to select a destination location for the end results.

IMAP to PST converter
  • Finally, hit the Start Backup button to complete the process for backup.



If there are any emails that you may have received after the first backup process, you can export only those emails by choosing the Delta-Backup option. During the process, you can also choose the Delete After Download option to delete the data from the server once the data is saved locally. 

Ending Lines

With the help of the methods described in this article, you can backup IMAP mailbox to PST without having to waste a lot of time or effort. A manual approach can be used but has specific constraints that cause trouble to the users to complete the process.

Using the software, you can accomplish your requirements with no hindrances, no risk of data loss or corruption, and a short time.

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