Privacy & Policy

The Global Finders, the legal and genuine platform becomes a reliable and spam-free website because our team administers, the first priority to the privacies and policies. This platform is supported by you, so our team follows most of the privacies and policies reliable with its viewers.
Please read the below-provided Privacies and Policies, and please try to follow them:-
·         Like all other healthy websites, we also make use of the cookies.
·        We may receive some of the information, as you enter our website. For example, online web beacons, cookies, the time you stay out on our particular webpage.
·         Is the information provided by you, posted or leaked somewhere else?
- No, our team follows the strict use of terms and conditions that are assured by Google. The information and articles provided by you are kept safe with us and are even not shared with any other website or a third-party platform. We ensure you with the matter of your information, and you can freely share the legal information with us and our team will heartfully manage it.
·     By using our website and services, you must hereby consent to the privacies and policies of our team that is assured by the professionals.
·        Is the information provided by you stored permanently on our website and database?
Yes, your information will be stored and viewed permanently on our website.
·     But, do we personally store your data? – No, your information is stored for as long as it is published or made proper use administered by you. Our team does not support analyzing and promoting our website through your provided information. So feel free while working with us and will provide you a reliable environment for corporating.
·     Does our information intends to be copyright or is violated? – No, our content & information is properly spam-free and does not violate any rules and regulations. Also, the information publishes on demand goes through several variations and is checked. If the content violates our team and conditions, it will be rejected foremostly.
·     Is our information can be viewed by students and kids? – Yes for sure. Out team only verifies the information that is comfortable with all age groups. We also ensure our members to be practically and mentally satisfied with our terms and conditions.

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